Saturday, May 26, 2007

The launch of The Back Room on 7.7.7 in Denver

The Back Room
(Millions helping Billions)

The purpose is to create a meeting place for like minded people to share in and assist the development for the masses.
This meeting place will consist of seasoned trainers, coaches, and leaders. It will also serve as an incubator of new and upcoming talents.

The Definition
Back Room meetings will support the 7 higher callings of People Are Ready.
1. Freedom to: Pursue Spiritual Happiness
2. Freedom to: Be Energized
3. Freedom to: Learn and Grow
4. Freedom to: Create and Innovate
5. Freedom to: Create Extraordinary Relationships
6. Freedom to: Create Financial Abundance
7. Freedom to: Explore the Universe

“Imagine this: thousands of Back Room Meetings happing simultaneously all over the world at the same time, speaking on the same subject, all contributing toward the betterment of the earth.”

The Back Room meetings would promote the speakers, and their materials.It will be critical for the speakers to be videoed for promoting. Promotional venues will be going on, blogs, and other websites, developed by the speaker.

Why are we in The Back Room?
For many centuries, when every there was a revolutionary thought, that would rise up. It usually came out of discussions from passionate people that would be talking in the back rooms of business, homes, and work places. These meeting usually started out of fear of persecution, and even torture. Though once the masses assembled, then the meetings would come out in public, at which point there would be major changes, and only when People Are Ready will there be a change. And so we in The Back Room believe; a change is coming, and We the People Are Ready.
Who will come?

The Back Room meetings are designed to attract the masses, from all over the world. The reason for the 7 Freedoms is that we believe that someone will connect to at least one of the Freedoms. The purpose is that once someone connects to one of the freedoms, that they will be compelled to change their life, by helping themselves first than helping others. This will create the momentum of the Millions Helping Billions.

“Anyone can be great because anyone can serve” Dr, Martin Luther King